Have You Ever Missed Your Child’s Game Because of Your Job?

I bet you work for a company that is constantly telling you how to live your life. They tell you when you have to be there, when you can leave, how much money you can make, if you can see your kid’s ball game/dance recital, or if you can take time off because you are sick and then they make you do jobs you hate without considering your thoughts.

Many of these rules are there to keep people from gaming the system; such working as little as possible and still getting paid as much as everyone else. This system is built to make sure even the crappiest employee can keep doing their job and allow the business to keep running. You know, the ones that feel they are entitled to pay because they were standing around breathing.

Most likely you are not one of the crappy employees because you are reading something to better yourself.

Since many companies have such a strong focus on cutting costs ( I wrote about this in a previous post here) they are going to keep hiring people at the lowest possible wage which means they are hiring some really bad employees. To keep hiring these employees they need to make sure the work environment is very restricting. With all of this energy spent controlling the bad employees your company does not have time to care about you as a person.

This is why you need to step up and start asking “how can I find work that is not so controlling of my life” because you are supposed to work to support your life not live to support your work.

In the comments below, tell me what your next action is going to be to find work that does not control your life.

6 Replies on “Have You Ever Missed Your Child’s Game Because of Your Job?

  1. Love the video Josh! This post makes you think about the j-o-b vs. a career that has purpose. I left the job behind to pursue my passions and design my career around my life. Helps me protect my values!

    1. I am so happy that you have taken the leap. I am trying to figure out the best way to help people that may view personal development as weird to see there is more to life than working on an assembly line to buy junk that just holds them back even more.

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