You Are Already Different (you are better)

This topic sounds like something that should be on an after school special. If you are reading this you are already stepping out from the crowd.

People can be divided in many different ways but I have begun recognizing two distinct classes, those that are uncomfortable with their lives and are willing to take action and those that are unwilling to take action. I am not sure what drives someone to fall on one side of this or the other, though I tend to fall on the side of taking action.

So restating what I said before, if you are reading this you are willing to take action.

Now the hard part of taking action is staying motivated. You do this by surrounding yourself with like minded people so you can encourage each other and by constantly learning different ways to reach your goal. That is where I want to help, I want to help you reach your goal.

Speaking of goal, to really be different and get better you need to set goals. It really comes down to deciding exactly what you want in life and working toward it.

This is where I need your help. I am trying to better figure out what you want so please tell me. Do you want this information through a different method? Do you want different information all together? Do I need to do posts more often or less? Do I need to do these on different days of the week? Please let me know what you think.

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