Enjoy Your Work and Make Good Money

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DISC Personality Profile

Myers-Briggs Personality Profile

Josh’s Free Personality Profile

Who am I

I talk about “what you want to do” in the resume, finding a job, and interviewing class

What are you good at

What you find easy others do not

Figuring out who you are gives you the biggest bang for your buck

Why do you want that position

Do not act like someone you are not

working outside of your strengths uses a lot of energy

Skills, Passions,

What makes you different than any other (fill in the blank)

Personality profiles (DISC, Myers-Briggs, etc., mine)

why do you work: do not say to pay the bills

Not try and dash your hopes but we all work for different reasons

Have to stand out

I referenced the things I do outside of work like coaching and continual personal improvement