Knock That Interview Out of The Park

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Build a Winning Resume

The Best Way to Find a Job



Be happy, they are asking themselves if they want to work with you

They already know your credentials from your resume

Win them over in the first couple of minutes

Firm handshake

Let them acknowledge you to sit down

Take notes (ask to take notes)

Make sure you have questions

Use your notes to come up with questions

Make them feel like you want the job

When you are answering the questions be sure to gear them to make the interviewer feel you are telling them you how you will help them using past examples

This goes back to knowing the job or company

I can help you by…

Ask when you should follow up

You need to keep control, do not just sit and wait

I thought I bombed

Ask questions

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    1. I hope so. I have been putting a small class every week with some of the folks at my day job but it is hard to get everybody that wants to be involved. That is why I have started recording the topics. Hopefully I can help more people through this format.

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