Assembly Line= Less Freedom

Posted by in Personal Development

I am going to keep this short today just to change it up a bit.

In my day job I work at a manufacturing company (i.e. assembly line). Part of my role is to standardize everything so that there is little variability in the product. This is needed to keep the quality up. You want this standardization in the stuff you buy because if it was not standardized you would be taking a gamble every time you bought something whether it would work or not.

I do not have a problem with buying things that work but I do have a problem with what this standardization does to people. Each step a person makes is designated by the employer so they have little choice in their lives. The employer decides when you take vacation, when you go to the bathroom, if you can have time to see your kids ball game, and how much money you make.

In all actuality you chose this work environment, maybe you did not know any better. I know I did not.

Do you want more freedom? The way out is to decide that you want a different life. You do not need to go to school, but you do need to learn. The first step is find someone living the life you want and ask them to show you how. Then do it. That is it.