Forgotten Angels

I talk a lot about making money and making the right choices about money. Money is a big deal in our lives. But there is more to doing great things than money.

We tend to try to look at everything in the world as very simple cause and effect. One thing causes only one thing to happen. We look at everything as one dimensional. We like to say health equals skinny and happiness equals money. The world is more complicated than that. Everything affects everything else like a giant spiderweb, you cannot pull one string without feeling it in the rest of the web.

What do you think of when I say giving gifts? Do you think about buying presents for someone? Do you view it as a stressful event that you have to go through to to keep everybody in your family happy? Have you ever considered that you are supposed to get more from giving the gift that the person receiving it?

We like to look at gifts as monetary things, that is why this holiday season is so ridiculous.

This year I had an opportunity to do something I have never done before. The program is called forgotten angels. You know the Christmas trees with the angels on them you can pick and buy gifts for that child? The forgotten angels are the ones left over after a certain deadline. My friend introduced me to this because it is something he was passionate about.

My wife and I just completed shopping for the angels. We had so much fun in the toy isle trying to figure out what each child wanted (plus I got to play with some of the toys too). My wife got so into thinking what would make those kids happy.

This gets back to the point of gifts. Maybe a gift is something that you do for others that makes you happy. It is not something that I have to give up (money) to give (the physical gift). It is something that adds value to both the giver and receiver.

Consider this in the work context. What activities do you do that might be considered work but you get so much joy from giving it away.

By the way, gift giving should not come from a heart of guilt. If you are giving because of guilt you maybe should not give the gift. You are corrupting the concept of gift giving.

My friend I mentioned above is giving a gift because he has a passion for helping these children. He is getting a lot from this process (a big part of that is joy).

I am going to say this and try not to toot my own horn. I write this blog every week, I put on classes for people to better their career, I meet with people to help them gain success in their lives, and I do not get paid for any of these things. (another side note, if you expect to be paid for everything that is considered work then do not expect to get much from life). I do these things for free because I enjoy and I think I am helping others.

Now it is okay to be paid for your gifts but that should not be the reason to give the gift. And do not corrupt the gift so you can get paid.

So during this time of year go and give gifts in a way that brings you joy. And do the same the rest of the year. You will enjoy life much more.

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  1. The other thing I think many of us miss here is this: what are we teaching our children? When we and the rest of our families buy our children so many gifts that they don’t even know what all they have and in some cases have unopened toys months later, what lesson did our children learn?

    Always keep your teacher hat on. We certainly don’t want to teach our kids to be materialistic and not to apreciate what they have. We don’t want them thinking you express love with “stuff.” Give gifts in moderation and lead by example.


    1. There are some people out there doing things right. I just talked to a friend that has been teaching her 6 year old son about a budget. I was talking to someone a lot wiser than I and he said you do not pick your battles with your children, everything is a battle because they will remember the samll things you let by.

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