This is for me as much as it is for you

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Sorry, no video this time.

This weekend is moving weekend so I am crazy busy and I am going to make this a shorter post (I hope).

I talk about a lot about life lessons and a lot on tips to help you reach success.

This is as much for me as it is for you. Many of these things I am sharing with you are things I have dealt with or things I am dealing with.

This is a place for me to put my ideas on paper (well, maybe not paper) and to really flesh out my thinking.

It also helps me to grow my point of view. Many of the people that find me share most of my thoughts but every once in a while I have someone that finds me who is willing to question my thought process. This is good because it helps me to have a better understanding of the subject and I may change the way I think or it makes me think more about my point of view so it is stronger than it was previously.

Oh, and I also get those letters where someone is angered at what I say so they have to take shots at me and my writing. Yes my writing could be better but I notice when they are taking shots at me they have no argument to my point, they just don’t like it. These are pretty entertaining.

Finally, it is a place for many of you to share advice with me and I really appreciate that because I know I do not know everything.

Thank you,