Get Off Your Duff And Take Action

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Yes these videos were just for fun because I had a trouble finding one that related to the post.

In the last 2 blog posts I began defining the process for you to define your ideal life and then I had you compare where you are now to your ideal life.

The next step is probably the step you were waiting for, the take action part of the process.

If you are like me you have this huge list of what your ideal life should be. It looks daunting but like any other big project you need to take little steps to get to the end. Pick one thing from your list and go begin working on it. That is it. Go do it.

Wait a minute, before you run off. Be sure you have clearly defined what it means to have reached that goal. I say this because if you have not defined done you are going to be working on this goal forever without ever being done.

If you are still reading you may be asking “what about the other parts of my ideal life I want to reach?” You will get to them when you are able. This is really up to you. You have to figure out when you are ready to take the next part of your ideal life and start working on it. It may be while you are working on another aspect or it may be when you are completed with the first step described above. The main point: do not try to do too much where you are overwhelmed and do not get anything completed. The power of focus is very important here.

Please let me know if you have any questions in relation to this process.