Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Posted by in Personal Development

Figuring out how to change your life is really not that hard the process of doing it is. Last week I discussed lifestyle design and asked you to take some time to write out your ideal lifestyle.

A side note: do not say the amount of money you want to have, you need to explain the purpose of that money. Having money for the sake of money is worthless.

In writing down your ideal life I hope you were very detailed in every aspect. Your ideal life may change over time or become more defined. Especially if you are thinking about this for the very first time.

The next step is to write down where you are now compared to where you want to be in your ideal life. For instance if your ideal life is owning a house debt free but your current state is you are renting out to the side of where you wrote down “I want to own a house debt free” then you need to write “I rent now”.

Do this for each aspect of your life. This is called a gap analysis because you are looking at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Now some of these definitions of where you are now may be a little harder. Take some time to figure out how to define each one of them.

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