It is your fault you hate your job

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The more I build my business the more I realize I am drawn to lifestyle design. Now don’t get me wrong I believe that the ultimate path to lifestyle design is through owning a business but owning a business is not the goal. The is the tool a tool to help you reach your ideal life.

My theory is in the past when we would earn more money in our job we would earn an increase in quality of life. We could get a second car, we could eat better food, we could send our kids to school, etc. The problem is that we forgot why we wanted to make more money and we started chasing money for the sake of chasing money. Now with many of the promotions and increases in pay we actually have a decrease in quality of life. We get more stress and less time with our families.

Following this path many of us are blindly trying to climb the career ladder without asking the question why. Why do you go to work every day? If your answer is to “pay the bills” make a list of what those bills are. This will help you identify your priories.

Take the next week and write out what your ideal life would look like. What kind of house, where you will live, write who is in your family, write about the things you would do with your family and friends, and write about the work you would do.