Go Experiment By Starting a Business

Typical view of starting a business:

Starting a business can be overwhelming. It is such a huge project which will be very expensive and potentially take a person down financially. Also being a “regular person” they are not equipped with the tools to start a business.

This view is totally wrong.

All you need to start a business is passion and the willingness to work. This does not necessarily mean you will succeed but it does put you in that 2% of people that is willing to take control of their lives.

Consider this point of view for starting a business. Look at it like a series of experiments. In an experiment you make an assumption and then you test that assumption. We have all done experiments either in school or in figuring out how to fix something at home. You understand that an experiment is not pass/fail; just you trying to learn what works and what does not.

What if you looked at a business like this? You would be testing and learning. You would not be making mistakes but figuring out what does and does not work.

The reason this mindset is so valuable is that 1. it takes the pressure off of you making mistakes and 2. it makes you systematically approach everything you are doing in business with thought and not just shooting from the hip. You will learn faster and understand the whys better.

So stop looking at business as a pass fail and make it an experiment.

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  1. Many people hesitate to start their own business due to fear of failure. We are conditioned to think this way all throughout our childhood in school. But our concept of “failure” is not a true failure. When you fall down and skin your knee, you learn from the experience. When one thing doesn’t work, you learn/adapt and try something different. This is not failure.

    The only failure lies in never even bothering to try.


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