Why You Are Not Making Money In Your Business

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One of the problems I have identified with many of my customers is that they are not communicating with their customers. They are talking to their customers but their customers are not understanding what the business owner is trying to say.

To get your customers to fully hear what you are trying to say you have to involve their emotions. All of our decisions (including buying decisions) are based on feelings. Even if you are the most logical person you are using your emotions in making a decision because your reasoning makes you feel good about the decision you have made.

You need to make your customers understand the benefits your product provides to them. This is not the same as what your product does. Here are a couple of examples:

I am a business start up and lifestyle coach but the benefits my customers receive is happiness and contentment in their lives.

When you are watching a commercial for a restaurant they take a little time telling you about their steaks but they are also involving your emotions by showing how the steak looks and people enjoying their meal.

Next time you are watching an advertisement ask yourself “How does this make me feel?” The good advertisers are going to pull on your emotions more.

So when you are trying to explain the benefits of your product do not tell them what your product does, do not tell them what they will receive, try to get them to fully understand the emotions they will experience after using your product.