5 Steps To Finally Take Actions on Your Problems

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Many people realize they have a problem. A problem is defined as something that you need to take action on. The problem could be something as significant as debt and marriage problems or wanting to follow their passion to start a business. The breakdown is when these people are not willing to take action on the problem. They find every excuse not to take action from no time or money to not knowing what to do. Then years pass and they do not ever correct the problem and many times it gets worse.

In this situation someone will reach one of two points. The problem will be a source of regret and frustration that always causes emotional pain or the problem will get so bad and painful that the person has to correct it.

Many of the people I find are not ready to stop making excuses and fix the problem. These people frustrate me because it is obvious they have a problem but when I try to discuss fixing it they are not willing to do anything about it except complain.

Please do not be one of these people. If you have a problem you need to start doing a couple of things.

You need to decide if the problem is something you want to do something about. At this point you logically understand you need to do something.

You need to figure out how to get the emotional side of you engaged in the problem and away from creating excuses. The excuses are usually based on fears (if you need help with this take a look at my fear resolution worksheet here)

Next you need to define what it means to have eliminated the problem. Take time to write down how your life would be without the problem.

You need to put together a plan of action to eliminate the problem. I recommend that you put a series of steps. Through this the steps might change but you need a plan to work from.

Start working through the steps.

Take action on your problems now so you are not living with regret when you are older. Change your life and the lives of everyone around you by taking action now.