To serve Yourself Is To Serve The World

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I want you to have the life you dream of. I have a little different philosophy of how the world works. I think everyone should be happy but many of us do not understand true happiness. We get happiness and fun mixed up. We have a need for this happiness but we tend to fill it with fun things; this is why we buy so much crap we do not need. Happiness and fulfillment are related; fulfillment comes from being who you are which is partly to serve others. Each one of us has a specific gift or skill that no one else has and we are supposed to serve through this gift. When I say serving I do not mean that we must act like slaves. The giving I talk about comes from you with passion and happiness. The trick is not to force yourself to give in this manner it is to find what your passion is and follow it. This is in no way self sacrifice, this taking what you have and multiplying it to the world. When you begin to find your passion you will see that you are able to give in abundance (also, when I say give I do necessarily mean money or things).

I am saying to be the most service to your fellow human and society you have to be self serving (if you cannot tell I am influenced by Ayn Rand). This first and hardest step is to figure out who you are which takes time and trying different things. This can be sped up by learning to understand your emotions and begin repeating the things that give you happiness (not just fun) and discarding the things that do not give you happiness.

Some people I talk with call me greedy because of my philosophies but I believe this is my fault. I do not clearly communicate that my beliefs are based on serving society in the best way possible and giving everyone an opportunity to be the best they can be.