How to Build a Business From The Ground Up

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I love a challenge but some of the challenges I get into are overwhelming. I am trying to build a business; wait, I am trying to follow my passion which is to teach others that they can have the lifestyle they want. I hope I can turn it into a business but I would do it anyway if I did not get paid. The problem is that I need to change their minds. To change the thinking they have been programed with for years. I want everyone to see that they can have what they want. Many of the times I approach someone that clearly has a need to have a fulfilling lifestyle they want to argue that what I am saying cannot be done. Why do people argue, why don’t they just think of the possibilities?

I guess I am selling and anyone in sales has to work through objections and deal with the nos. If starting a business was easy everyone would be doing it. I just need to find that small group that is ready to make a change. Everyone else will just have to live in their current life as it is. If they are already happy then great for them, I have nothing to give. If someone is unwilling to change when they have a problem then they must be mentally handicapped.


  1. Building a business is hard, deal with it
  2. You are in sales learn how to be a good sales person
  3. Define your target market
  4. What are the needs of the target market.
  5. Failure is part of growing a business