You have to go to work to be at work

Our current working model came out of the industrial revolution where everything was based on an assembly line. On an assembly line everyone had to work on the line or be close by to support it. Part of that is that you had to be there when the assembly line was running. Now many of us are knowledge workers and we need computers. Computers are not tethered to a building now that we have the web. Also, many of the things we do are not tethered to the amount of time you spend on a project but just a deadline. This means that you can work at night as long as you meet the deadline. You could work 2 hours to meet the deadline where it takes others 8. As long as you complete it at the deadline. You could take a long lunch and take your kids for a walk and then go back to work. We have too many people that think they need to be watching over you to make sure you actually work. This means that they do not trust you. If yo worked from home then you would spend less time in traffic, less time being bothered by pointless discussions at work, less time dressing, less money on work clothes, less money on gas. You are freeing up your time to actually accomplish your work and spent time with your family.

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