Move Beyond The Status Quo

Posted by in Personal Development

We have created a system in society where we are trained to be employees. We are trained to find comfort. This begins as soon as our first day of school. For some of us it begins from our parents. We are told to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer because these occupations pay good money. Some of us grew up near large factories (car manufactures) and everyone says to get a job there because you can make good money.

We have turned everything we do into an assembly line process, even our education system. We are taught if we are not identical to every other person being produce (in the school system) then we are defective like some widget on an assembly line.

We are taught to look for comfort and that comfort comes from being like everyone else. If we try to better ourselves people try to pull us back down (have you ever tried losing weight to have others tell you how it won’t work?). We are taught that things make us happy so we buy more and more things. If we cannot afford those things then we are given a debt tool to buy those things. Stuck with debt we have to keep working at that factory with everyone else stuck with debt. It is a cycle that holds us down all the while our time and money are being extracted from us.

I think it is time to step out of this cycle and learn true happiness. Start to question the so called truths. Just because a lie is said over and over for a long time does not make it the truth.

Our society is designed so that each one of us has different skills and we work together as a large team to accomplish something. In the assembly line of our education system we are taught that everyone should be the same.

Are you working a job like everyone else but everyday you hope there is more out there for you? Are you afraid to speak up because those around you might think you are weird because you want to do more than shut off your mind like everybody else?

True happiness comes from being fulfilled. Fulfillment is different for each person but I also believe fulfilling work is part of it. Doing something meaningful. Not being mediocre.

There is more out there than what you are currently doing. Instead of sticking with the status quo and and being mediocre why don’t we find true happiness. Do something that we can be proud of. Do something that others would be happy with. Something that we can serve our fellow man. Find the greatness within each one of us.