How Can I Help You

I grew up in a blue collar family where we were taught to work hard and get a “good job”. I was taught that the best way to make it is to get a job at a big company and they would provide for me and my family.

Growing up my dad was always working to provide for our family. He was so busy sometimes and tired from work that he was unable spend a lot of time with me and my brothers.

Through all of the time and hard work my dad gave his company he was injured from the work that he did and he had to fight long and hard for the benefits he was promised after giving so much of his life away for this company.

Even after seeing this I took a job in corporate America and I begun to see that many people at the company felt they were helpless to go against what their company asked of them, all of the over time, all of the pay cuts, all of the lay offs, etc. They think they have to tow the company line at all times to keep their job.

It used to be if you took a job somewhere you expected to be employed for life. They cared about you as a person. The people making all of the financial decisions worked in the same building and understood that we are all people and we have families. You could talk to the highest person in the company. Your uniqueness was valued.

Now the owners force your company to make decisions for 3 months at a time not 5-10 years at a time. These short term decisions make it where your company volatile. All the while they are trying to make everybody think and act the same, uniqueness is bad.

The weakness I see is that we no longer have confidence in our abilities. We are told growing up that there are certain rules we have to live by to be successful. Things like: you have to go to college, you need to have debt to buy things, you have to work for a big company, being unique is bad, you have to get good grades, you are supposed to hate your job, you cannot make money doing…

These are all wrong.

I would like to be a big part of raising my kids and I want to enjoy my work. I think it is ridiculous that I have to wait 45 years for retirement to be happy and then I am supposed to stop being of service to others. I want to be of great service now and use my skills that make me unique to support my family. I want to enjoy myself throughout the process.

I knew the only way to figure this out to study others that are successful in this process.

I have been studying successful people for about 12 years now and have been slowly implementing some of the tricks into my life. The things I have been implementing have been life changing. Looking back, most of what I have learned has either been free or very in expensive and very simple.

I want to start sharing what I have learned with you so I can help you find what you want out of life.

2 Replies on “How Can I Help You

  1. Stephan,

    Thanks for the comment. I just wanted everyone to know why I am driven to help others find their path in life.

    Josh Bulloc

  2. Stephan,

    Thanks for the comment. I just wanted everyone to know why I am driven to help others find their path in life.

    Josh Bulloc

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