Change Your Thinking

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There are 5 rules that you need to adopt if you want to change your life.

There is always a solution to the problem

You need life long learning

Everything is your fault

Hard work


These rules are work together like a spiderweb’s strands. They work together to make the whole web stronger and you need all of them to take your life back from everyone else.

There is always a solution to the problem. No matter what it is there is always a solution. You may not have the solution but someone does. You need to find that someone. The best place to look is someone that has become successful working through the problem before you.

You need life long learning. You need to keep learning. You do not need to go to school for this. There are countless books and so much free information on the web. The best part about this day and age is that you can learn something as you need it not just in case you need it (like most of school). You can learn a lot by going to school more but there is a significant opportunity cost and financial cost that make it less worth the exchange. You may learn more working in the area you are interested in faster and cheaper than if you went to school for it. Also, surround yourself with people that have knowledge in the are you are interested in.

Everything is your fault. This is the hardest to swallow. If everything is your fault you are taking on responsibility and possibly consequences for the situation. That is also the best part. If you know everything is your fault you feel empowered and able to better control the situation. You are also more willing to learn more to better control the situation thus you are better able to fix the situation.

Hard work. There are many people out there that are talented and smart but they have nothing to show for it. You and I are in a different boat. We realize we lack that talent so we know we have to work hard. The great part about working hard is it is easy to get good at and you can easily out work a person with talent. When I was in school I had a economics professor that was broke. He had all of the knowledge but did not take the initiative with that knowledge. Then there are sales people that barely finished high school that are very well off.

Perseverance. As my old room mate said “you have to keep on keepin’ on”. You need to keep trying, keep working, and keep learning. You may have your head down for a long time trying to accomplish this goal and not feel like you have gotten very far but if you take a minute and look back to see where you have come you will realize that you have made it very far. I have learned that it is not the goal that is most important but what you become reaching the dream goal.