Becomming an Achiever

You may have noticed that you are a little different than other people. You have something in you that makes you restless, makes you feel like there is more out there. Some time this feeling comes after time and after living the life everyone thought you should have. You have come to the conclusion that a j-o-b does not fit you just right. You are good at your job but it is not you. You are searching for something to fill that need. You are not sure where to go and you are not comfortable sharing the feelings with others because they do not understand. The people you share it with just think you need to relax but you cannot. Watching TV or just surfing the net mindlessly does not feel right. You want more, you know there is something more out there, you are not fulfilling your reason to be on earth. You sometimes feel you are stuck because you are the only one that feels like this. You are not content in just doing what everyone else is doing, in the rat race of life.

You are not alone. There are others like you, but not many. You are becoming an achiever. You are reaching to be a part of the top 2% of people. People that get stuff done. This is not going to be easy, it is going to require a lot of work and determination. Some of you may not make it because it is lonely becoming an achiever. Not many people will understand you, they will think you are weird. You have heard when 2 children get into a fight, one younger and one older. Someone said to the oldest child “you should have known better, you are the oldest”. This is you, you are always “the oldest” in the situation. Any change that you want to accomplish you have to do the work for it, and you have to look at everything as being your fault.

Even if this looks bleak for becoming an achiever this is the only thing that will fulfill you. You need this, you need to keep working at it.

I am one of these people, trying to be a part of the 2%. I am trying to find others like me. If I can help please send me a message.

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