Create Your Launching Pad

In order for you to make any changes in the world you have to begin by changing you. You cannot tell others how they should like their lives before you have set your life straight. I do realize you will never have the perfect life and you cannot wait until you have the perfect life before you start helping others but you must strive to perfection and make continual progress to your perfect life.

In order for you to take reasonable risks your home needs to be in order and you cannot make changes without risk. It is like building a fort in a new territory, you need to have all of your provisions and a group of strong people to work through the adversity.

The main things you must have to begin to build to build your launch pad is financial stability, relationship stability, employment stability, family stability, health stability, spiritual stability, and confidence in yourself. If these things are not stable in your life you are constantly having to use your mental energy to keep them from falling apart.

In each of these areas you need to first find out where you are and then set a goal to where you want to be. Then you can start developing those steps to reach that goal. When you are reasonably comfortable you can then start spending your energies trying to change the world.

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