Why Do We Work?

We have forgotten why we work. We work to serve people. We work to serve ourselves. We have gotten so caught up in the job we are doing that we forget why we are doing. When you are at work you are not making or selling widgets you are making or selling widgets for the benefit of another person. We are not working for a company to make money for the company we are working for that company so that company can provide a product or service for a person. You are working so that you can have money so that you can buy things you want and need. No matter what it is it all goes back to supporting people. It is quire easy to forget because we have been taught to think in terms of “society” and “company” as pseudo-people.

We have began to think of our work as something we just have to do. Many of us try to couch the amount we work as something noble for “the company”. It is not noble, you are giving away your, time, humanity and neglecting our family. Some of us work just to support stuff, expensive cars, TVs, too big of a house, 500 channels we barely watch, etc.

Lets begin to look at the work we do in another light. Work is good for us because it gives us an opportunity to serve others and serve ourselves through an income. When you are at work begin to think of an individual you are serving through what you do. How is that widget going to make someone’s life more fun, easy, etc? Now when you are at work think how you are serving your family through your work. You are making an income for your family to have many of the things they want and need. If you began to think of your work in this manner then you are going to be more engaged in your work and be more thoughtful of the work you are doing.

This takes me to my main point, companies are there for the benefit of people. If they stop benefiting people they will die. We are starting to eliminate the human side of work because we are trying to benefit the dollar. The dollar should be an outcome of benefiting people. When the two become separated then companies will start failing.

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