No One Cares

Posted by in Personal Development

No one cares as much about your priorities as much as you do. This is why you are the best person to take care of you. Your company and/or the government does not care about feeding your family or your retirement. They may act like it but they do not care like you do. That is why you need to step up and decide that you are going to control your future and take care of your priorities. I know it seems hard and it is but it is the best way to do it. If you are able to take care of yourself you will not be worried who will give you a loan, who will feed your family, who will let you retire with dignity.

I do not believe altruism exists. People do want to help others but they help others because they get a good feeling from it and they think it is the right thing to do. These givers give so much because of the positive feedback they receive and then they find ways to give more. This is parallel to you taking care of yourself. You will gain so much positive feedback for taking personal responsibility that you will want to do it more. Your family will be happy that you no longer have money problems, you will have pride from caring for your family, you will be teaching your children and the people around you about personal responsibility, you will feel empowered, and you will be free. You will be free because you are not dependent on others to take action in your life.

Finally, you will gain significant knowledge. We in America are getting lazy and we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. We were taught the government and our employees will take care of our needs. We are going through a wake up period now realizing this system is not sustainable and we need to start taking care of ourselves and be engaged in our lives. This process requires us to learn how to be Americans again. We have to learn how to take care of our selves. We are in a perfect time to learn. We have the internet and libraries that are full of free information that will help you take control of your lives. This will be a long and arduous process; you will learn, try, fail, learn, try, grow. But through the process you will gain lessons that will help you reach higher higher success and give you control over your life.

Now the only problem is your excuses. We all have excuses, but if you are not in a place of contentment it is your own fault. Get up off your butt and do something about it. No one will work harder than you for you.