Why you should start a business

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This chapter was a bit harder to write, luckily there is an editing process.

It is important to decide on at least big hairy audacious goal (BHAG). This goal is one that seems almost crazy and impossible to achieve but there is an inkling of hope to be able to achieve this goal. The problem is people do not believe they can achieve this goal. You believe that you do not make enough money or it is not in your capabilities to reach this goal. This is why you need to build a business. You do not have to quit your job. Actually, by building a business you may become more valuable to your company and make career changes you never dreamed of. The reason for this is building a business helps you to think on your toes, learn, and build self confidence. If you have met any business owners you will find that they are very confident and if they are older they are significantly younger acting and thinking than their peers. Starting a business will change your life.

By starting a business you can tap into your creativity and make money doing the things that you enjoy. Do not get me wrong, it will be hard, but is something work if it is fun? One of my goals it to have enough money in the bank that my wife and I can do what ever job we want in 10 years. This will allow us to never be tethered to a job we hate to just “pay the bills”. I know that a job will not give me this so I need to find another way so I will start a business.

In a job you are trading hours for dollars but in a business you are looking for ways to make money while you are not working. Then you can spend time with your kids when you want to.

Finally, building a business is important because it is not the goal you reach but who you become by reaching the goal.

If you are interested in building a business and do not know where to start go to the library or find a friend that can help you through the process.