You need to figure out who you are

In our culture we tend to look outwardly to find the answers and our fulfillment but this is the wrong path. You need to start looking at yourself first. You need to figure out who you are and this is the going to be the most difficult part of this process. Have you ever had a friend that had a problem and could not figure it out but you knew the solution to their problem? This is because you were not in the middle of the situation and it was obvious to you. This is the same thing with figuring out who you are. You have been you your whole life but have most likely never been taught to look inside yourself.

When we are growing up we are told that we need to be a doctor or a lawyer or that we need to go to college to be successful. This is not necessarily true. By following this advice many people have been led into jobs that they were unhappy with even though they are making a lot of money. Money is not where fulfillment comes from.

The first step in figuring out who you are is that you are going to need to get a journal that you can carry with you to jot notes. In order to figure out who you are you need to start keeping your mind open to the reoccurring things that draw your attention. When something pops in your head then write it in the journal. With this process I was able to figure out I was naturally drawn to problem solving especially hard problems. Through this process you will find things that you like, hate, want to do, the things you find important, and skills you have. This is a simplified version but I have posted a worksheet in the resources page of my site ( will help you through the process.

I want you to understand that this process is not something that you will be able to do in one evening, it will be an ongoing process for the rest of your life. First because you are a very complicated being and second because you are constantly changing and growing. It may seem like a daunting task but you need to do this to find fulfillment in your life and your work. Just because this process will not be done quickly it will not hinder you from making positive steps to find fulfillment with the information you have gathered up to this point. When you figure more about yourself then you can better hone in on what path your life should take.

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