You are supposed to love your work

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In my working career I have found people that are going to work every day unhappy with their job. You can identify these people by asking the question “how are you” and they will answer something like “I am here”, “living the dream”, “just getting by”, or something similar. These people have told themselves that work is supposed to be hated and/or they are just paying the bills. First, you can enjoy your work, and second, you should have not hamstrung yourself to paying for things you do not need. There are some situations that happen that put you in financial crises but 99% of the time if you would have planed you would not be in the situation.

I have read a study that about 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs. Consider this: if there is something you are doing that you do not like how do you approach it? Do you procrastinate, do you grumble and think how you hate the task while you are doing it? If this is true then you are taking longer doing the work and probably not doing as well at it as if you enjoyed it. When you go to work do you think how you dread making that drive to go to something you hate? When you leave work are you drained of energy and unhappy to the point that you do not want to do anything with your family when you get home. You just want to tune out the world and vegetate in front of the TV as an escape.

If this how you feel then you are shortchanging your company because you are not giving all you are capable of, you are short changing yourself of your happiness and your potential to make a significant income, you are short changing your family because you are not able to spend quality time with them.

Now think about the stuff you enjoy doing, do you start doing it immediately, do you feel this natural drive that pushes you to start and complete the task? Think about when you were a kid and you went to bed on Christmas eve and you could not sleep looking forward to the next day. Imagine if you had work that made you feel the same way? You could not wait to get to work and work on that thing you love, while at work you were energized all day and did not want to stop. When you got home you could not wait to tell your family about the fun you had at work and you were happy and a joy to be around in the evening. Imagine the message you would be passing onto your children if you had this kind of work.

There is a different way. You can enjoy your work and you are supposed to. No matter your thoughts on how we came to be there is a system in place be it put in place by a Great Creator or it grew as we evolved. Each one of us has about 200 things we are good at but about 5 of those things are something we are passionate about and enjoy. The hard part is trying to identify those things. Those things were factory installed in each of us so that we can serve others in that manner. I do not buy the idea that no one wants to be a janitor, trash man, etc. It is not the job title or the specific task that we are driven to it is the outcome that encourages us. For instance there are many people that are very detailed oriented and love to see things clean and shiny. This person could be very happy as a janitor. Just because you do not like a type of work does not mean that everybody does not like it. I have heard of a story of someone that loves to paint houses because it gives them an opportunity to interact with the families living in the houses and help to encourage and motivate them. Now that is a different way to look at work.

Personally, I am naturally driven to help people through this process of finding enjoyment in their lives. I have seen the pain associated with the work they did not like and the ridiculous work models and work requirements that have been imposed on people because they did not believe they had options. I know there are options out there and I find joy in showing others that they have those options.