I do not agree with the socialist philosophy but I want to learn more about it because I want to better empathize with people that think differently from me. In my quest for this empathy I have been in search of someone that had the maturity and insight to explain their point of view on socialism. I finally found someone that was able to do this for me. He is a friend and someone I respect very much, so I was very appreciative of the time he took with me to explain his view. His view helped me to look beyond the limited view many hold of socialism and actually question if his is a better philosophy.

His view of socialism takes into account Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. Many of us are stuck in the safety and love/belonging sections.

My theory is that many of us are in search of the higher levels of the hierarchy but are trying to attain them in the same manner we achieved the safety level. In other words we are stuck in wanting things (property) and we are trying to reach higher levels through buying stuff. Once we wake up and realize that we have a greater need, which cannot be filled with things, we can begin looking for what will actually fill that need. I believe all of our debt is a reflection of us trying to fill these higher level needs.

Back to the philosophy; he also explained that if we were to find an unlimited energy source (like on Star Trek) we could then begin to attain the higher levels of the hierarchy until we reach the pinnacle, self actualization. This is because obtaining property would be easy.

Another of my theories is that for us to reach self actualization we have to serve. Once we live in a system where everybody is focused on serving others then people can stop being so caught up in themselves.

Now that I have written this out his socialist philosophy is very similar to how I believe the world should work: everyone has a need to be of service.

Regrettably, I did not have the time to discuss this with him further but from this I have a question. This question is posed to, you, the reader.

How do we educate each other on how to reach self actualization?

Also, on a lower level, how can I reach others and teach them that they can be fulfilled by the work they do?

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