I need help with Socalism

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Here are my thoughts on capitalism: First, to be honest I have not studied capitalism so I do not know the strict definition but I believe my thoughts align with the philosophy, please correct me if I am wrong. First I believe that capitalism most closely mirrors nature (survival of the fittest) and the concept that Life is Not Fair. Second, the rules of capitalism are natural and do not change. The philosophy on socialism is based on man’s opinion of what is right and can change from person to person. Also, man is not perfect so nothing built by man can be perfect.

Second is how I have seen people work and interact. I know that if someone works hard at serving someone (at any job you are serving someone or the job would not be there long) and is rewarded for their effort then they are more likely to keep doing a good job or better thus adding to the progress of everyone. I have also seen where people are given things (welfare for example) and they do not value what they are given so they do not care for it. After a while of being given those things they then begin to believe that they are entitled to those things (I fear this is where our country is going).

In the case that someone is not pulling their weight they would feel pain (no income) and then that would influence them to be of service to society.

The capitalist philosophy is not perfect, one of the issues is that some will be lost in the cracks (handicapped for example) but I know if I find someone in need I want to help support that person because I am a human and I care for others. If my giving is based on caring and not forced on my I am going to have an emotional attachment to the giving and will work hard to support my giving (i.e. I will produce more and serve more people in the process). Where in a socialist system things are taken from me and given to others. In this method there I do not have emotional attachment to this giving so I feel like I am being stolen from. Plus I know my money is being given to people that can support themselves.

I did have a short discussion with someone I highly respect and has a more socialistic view than I do. They were able to articulate socialism without becoming argumentative and emotional. His philosophy of what socialism should be is not what we have now but it is based on people transcending our need/want of things (the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). This requires us to grow beyond our base nature in our society. I cannot argue with his concept of an ideal society but the question becomes “how to most of us transcend into self actualization”?

Socialism is not perfect either. My issue with it is reflected in parts of our society and I am afraid that it has the possibility to be mirrored in the rest of society. Consider the generations of families on welfare. These people have gotten so comfortable they do not know how to support themselves. They have not felt enough pain in their lives to make them change what they are doing (unless there is something mentally wrong with you you will change if you feel enough pain). Welfare is an extreme example but there are other things that most of us believe is an entitlement because we have gotten it so long. I believe that socialism teaches us to be weak because we are given so much. Because of this I believe this has the ability to take down our society. Capitalism teaches to keep striving for bigger and better things so if capitalism takes a hit others will step up and keep progressing thus keeping our society alive.

I know we are in a tough economic time now but no matter what you think this was not brought on by capitalist or socialism, our government is a mix of both and the cause of this problem was a mix of both. Also, the news was putting a lot of focus on wall street, banks, Madoff, etc. which would make people believe that capitalism caused this but these people represent less than 0.1% of individuals you would call capitalists. The problem was caused by you and I, no one else. Banks were just selling us what we wanted and we were not engaged in the process. The government was just doing what we wanted and we were not engaged in the process.

Finally, I am willing to bet my arguments have some weaknesses to them. Please correct me but only if it is fact based. I still have found very few people to have an adult discussion about capitalism vs. socialism and if any is willing to step up then I am issuing you a challenge to prove me wrong. I doubt you will, but you will help me to better consider my point of view and if you are lucky you may change my whole philosophy.