What is Money?

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Money is a very complicated subject. It represents many things to us. Many people have a much distorted view of money that allows it to complicate our lives, end relationships, and keeps them from having much of it.

One thing money represents to us is time. If you make money for spending a certain time at work (hourly or salary) and not based on your results money equals time. Time is something we cannot get more of. This view of money makes it a very stressful part of our lives. If we have to spend money to fix something like a car or a roof it is like we are giving away some of our time on this world.

Another thing money represents is security. This is that nest egg or that emergency fund. This allows you to feel safe and comfortable. If you are not careful this view will cause you to horde money because you think that loss of any money means reduced security. This level of security can also make you lazy because you lose the drive that got you there. The worst part about this is that it makes you lose the connection with your ability to produce and make that money if you are not careful.

The third thing money can be is a score card (this is how I tend to view it). This shows that more that you make or have the more you are winning at life. If you are not careful with this view you tend to think this is the only way to win in life. There are plenty of people that have a ton of money but are not happy. Also, this mentality can tend to make you horde It if you are not careful.

Next money is a reflection of your self-worth. If you have low self-worth you will tend to make little money and vice versa. It is related to how we value ourselves.

None of these things are either good or bad unless they are taken to the extreme. Also, you can view money as more than one of these and there can be more definitions of how to view money.

It is ok to make money and have money. You are not evil if you are rich and money is not evil. Typically, most people that make a lot of money provide services equal to the amount they make. Actually, we will exchange money for something that we value more than the money we are giving for it. Money will only make you more of what you are. If you are giving then with more money then you will be more giving, if you are greedy more money will just make your more greedy.

If you are in business money is how you track how you are serving your customers. The more you make the more you are serving your customers. It is a scorecard to how you are serving. The more money you have the more you serve.

People that make a lot of money tend to spend more money and give more money. Thus they create jobs and support worthy causes.

Finally, it is not making the money that is important but what you become to make the money.

What are your thoughts on money?