What Drives You

From my experience only about 10 percent of people are willing to do the work to change a discomfort in their lives. I have encountered so many people that complain about a certain situation in their lives and when I press them to consider changing something most of them immediately make some excuse why it cannot be changed. Usually the excuses are pretty weak. That tells me that they just wanted to complain but are unwilling to work a little extra to make a change.

Many people believe the US is stagnating or failing but I think there is a class separation happening. Many of us have gotten so comfortable with not having to do real work we have become lazy and lack creativity. The other part of the separation is driven people that want to make progress in their lives and make the world a better place. You will begin to notice that money is attracted to productive individuals and the driven class is very productive thus they will earn a lot of money. Then you will see the lazy class complain that the “evil” rich people are not being fair. Then it becomes stereo typical class separation of the haves and the have-nots.

In other words I believe that we are progressing to where 10% of people have the majority of the money.

We all have the power to change this but we need to start now. I want to be part of the productive class so I am taking steps to get there. I am educating myself, I am identifying the skills I excel at, and I am surrounding myself with people that will help me grow. This means work and lots of it. But through this I am becoming a person that can be of valuable service to others and I am changing my family tree.

I recommend that you follow this path if you wish to become part of the productive class. If you choose to ignore this you must realize by not making progress in your life the world will change and leave you behind. I am not completely sure what being left behind means but I do know part of it is that you will have a set of skills that no one wants for their business. If this happens you will be out of work.

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