You can choose how life affects you and you can choose to be happy. It is not what happens to us that makes us unhappy it is how we accept what happens that makes unhappy. In other words: when you are unhappy it is because you have chosen to be unhappy. For instance: if you are laid off you can view it as your life being over or you can view it as an opportunity to find a job that you really want. Take the economy; if you watch the news you think everyone is out of work. Actually, about 10% of people are out of work but 90% have work.

You also tend to make your own reality. If you believe that that no one is hiring then you are not going to look hard for work . If you believe that you have skills that an employers would want, then you will keep looking until you found that employer.

Stop watching the news and make a decision to be happy and shape our own future.

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