Placing your Insecurities on Others

If someone has achieved something then they have the right to happy about what they have achieved. For example, Ron Morris ( was talking about his overcoming cancer. He mentioned that it was sheer will, he was just happy that he made it through insurmountable odds and he has more years to share his wisdom with others and spend time with his wife and kids. Then some of the listeners took it as the opposite; they made it seem like he also said that anyone that did not overcome cancer were not trying hard enough. This is not the case, but by the listener writing this to Ron they were steeling away his happiness. The same thing happened with Ron talking about his Audi A8. He was talking about buying this car because he liked it (not bragging what so ever), and someone wrote in saying that he is making people feel bad because they could not afford a car like that. That is wrong; they are taking away his joy because someone feels bad about their own position. If you feel bad about your position in life then do something about, do not complain to people about your feelings being hurt when no negativity was part of their statement.

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