The Joy of Exercise

I go to the gym very often and I have noticed 2 kinds of people.  First are the people that enjoy being at the gym and there are those who view it as a chore.  I am a part of the former group; I enjoy going to the gym.   The problem I have is with people that view the gym as a chore.  They look at it like this painful process that they have to get through in order to reach a goal like weight loss, healthy changes in their life style because of medical issues, or they think it is what you are supposed to do.  No matter the reason you go to the gym when you look at it like a chore you will always hate going there and have an internal struggle when you go there.  If this is the case you will eventually stop going.  You can only will yourself through something you hate for so long.  If you feel exercise is important then you need to find your motivation.  My motivation is the confidence I have gained through changing my body.  I am now in a good mood and never embarrassed about my body.

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