Our Education System Sucks

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Here is another letter I wrote, this time about our education system.
I was listening to your Thursday show and one of the professors mentioned that the Secretary of Education believes that we need to start going to school longer. I believe that is a load of bull. I think we need to start actually educating our children and the parents need to take more responsibility in the education of their children. When I was growing up I remember my mother working with me when I was very young to learn how to properly pronounce words like spaghetti and giraffe.
How is it that some people are able to excel in school while only going 9 months out of the year when others fall behind and need more summer school? Maybe the reason I was able to take calculus courses in high school while others were struggling with algebra is because my parents cared how I did and took part in my education. By the way, my parents did not go to college and I doubt they understood calculus. My dad was a sheet metal worker and my mother was a stay at home mother that periodically took a job to help us get by.
While I was in school I knew I had some teachers that just went through the motions, these are not the teachers I want teaching if my kids have to go to school year round. In this case I want my kids to get a job (or start a business) like I did and learn how money and the world works.
My next frustration is the way we look at college. I was lucky enough to take 2 years off between high school and college to work and live on my own. This helped me to realize that I am bored to death by manual labor and have little room to advance unless grow my brain.
When we are in high school we are told that college is the only way we can be something in the world. It is the fix all for everything. We are led to believe that we need to go and get any degree and we will make a lot of money. We are also led to believe that we need to go to school at all costs i.e. student loans. When I finally made it to collage I met a lot of students that were there to get a bachelor in psychology and they thought they would be making a lot of money. I knew that this type of degree will make minimum wage or just above and each job opening has 300+ applications in a good economy. Why do we teach our children that it is ok to go into debt to get a psychology degree? They would do better if they worked their way up in McDonalds management without the debt.
Here are my recommendations for better education. We need to take a part in the education of our children, not just hand them off to teachers. We need to teach our children that there 2 reasons we go to college, either to get a piece of paper so someone will give us a job or the enrichment. We need to make that decision before we take the step into college. Teach them that debt for college is the easy way out, there other options for paying for school. Teach them that you do not have to go to college to do well in the world but they need to continue their education.