The Democratic Idea Virus

Recently the United States has decided to allow some trade with Cuba. I know this scares many people especially individuals who have life experience with Communism.
I am in the process of reading a book called The Idea Virus By Seth Godin. Seth is an unconventional marketer and has written books dealing with how people work socially and psychologically and has molded marketing ideas to how people work. One of the ideas I have gathered from The Idea Virus is that you can plant a seed in someone’s mind and if it is something they are interested in they will propagate the idea for you. I see this happening with Cuba. We will start trading with them and they will begin to see what we have in America. They will then begin getting information about our way of life. They will learn that they can watch TV on their phones. Through this process they will become Americanized like a virus. Soon it will become very hard for their government to suppress them. In the long run our way of life will be a virus to communism.

What idea virus can you spread to make the world a better place?

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