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Good article but I have a couple of frustrations with all of the so called “experts” and complexity. Even though I am learning sales I still have the engineering background. This background has given me confidence that I can understand and accomplish anything if I put my mind to it (this is also a problem I have to overcome because I have trouble allowing people to do the things I am weak at). There are times when I ask an expert like a doctor how he has come to the conclusion about a problem I have and he blows me off like I would not understand (never mind my extensive study of how the body works). Very quickly into the conversation I have frustrated the doctor because I have made him actually think about the issue. These are the types of experts I do not need (I did not go back to this doctor), they are so full of themselves that they do not think us “little people” could possibly understand what they do and I have questioned his authority.
The decisions I make that involve money or me and my families well being have to be based on facts and have to stand up to questioning. If the expert cannot do this then they are no longer my expert.
The second frustration I have is that some of the complexity in this world is made to nickel and dime us to death. For instance just try to get your phone carrier to explain some of the confusing charges on your phone bill. I can never get a straight answer from my phone company with some of the charges on my bill. Also, with technology aren’t our lives supposed to be easier? Why is there a large courier fee tacked onto my closing costs? I thought that email and fax could take care of 95% of this.
Normally when I rant I try to have an answer to the problem but this time I do not. Maybe someone with more life experience than I can come up with a solution to these problems.

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