Another Answer to The American Entrepreneur

Here is one of the comments to Ron Morris of The American Entrepreneur radio show Please visit his website.

Here is his article which I commented on

I do agree with what you are saying but I believe that because of our societal weakness we believe that we are helpless to do anything about this situation. What makes you different in your statements from the general media is that you give people an option out (starting a business).
Our weakness has made many of us feel hopeless and we have given the responsibility of our lives to someone else (the government, our companies management, etc) which contributes to our weakness. We also have given the responsibility of teaching our children to someone else. I disagree that teachers are wardens, they are powerless because if little Johnny or Mary earn a bad grade the parents come down on the teacher. The teachers then stop trying because they know if they make the children work it tends to identify the weak performers. Then we all complain that our education system is broken when it is us as parents that need to take responsibility in motivating our children to learn. By the way I have close friends that are teachers that have shared this scenario with me.
You mentioned that people have lost their risk-taking skills but where do risk taking skills end and plain old personal responsibility for your own life outcome begin? In changing your life much of the so called risk can be reduced or eliminated by hard work. We are afraid to get dirty. When I graduated college many of my peers in engineering were afraid to work in an aluminum smelter because it was too dirty and hot. Everybody thought they would be working in a lab type environment.
To sum it up we need to begin taking responsibility for our lives and our children’s lives, get off our hind quarters and be willing to work. As Ron says “there are no shortcuts”. If we choose to avoid responsibility we will continue to live in fear and when people are afraid is when they begin giving up their freedoms (think Hitler and Germany)

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