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Here is his article which I commented on

Dear Ron Morris,
Thank you for the encouragement about this maverick in hall monitor’s clothing. I have listened to you for as far I can download the podcast and I view you as a mentor. Thank you.
Relating to your discussion with Tommy and Teddy about apathy; I believe most people do not have a reason to do any better than status quo. You, me, and many of your listeners have a reason to do better; this may be hard wired or learned. I lean more toward the side that it is learned because people will change once they reach a certain threshold of pain. By the way, I believe people are reaching that threshold in our economy and we will see some changes in the way people think and act. People are weak in our society because we are comfortable (mediocre), and our physical needs are met (lack of pain). When the first people came to America they had to be extremely productive to stay alive(loss of life=extreme pain); we do not have that now.
On top of this our children are being taught that they need to follow the crowd, and get the good paying job. Never mind that the job sucks (does not fit who you are), just do enough to get by and stick with it long enough to give up being productive (retirement). Since these people are taught to follow the crowd they are not able to see that they do not have to. We may be repressing some of the mavericks (I think I was in training to be a repressed maverick and now I am fighting my way out, all while I am figuring out a job is not my only option while avoiding disrupting my “comfortable” family). We are made by the Great Creator to contribute and once you give that up (retirement) you give up a part of your soul. How many happy unproductive people do you know? The people that are always trying to get out of work are the ones that see themselves as victims.
Heck, the government is influencing this mentality. If you are very productive you will be taxed more but if you choose to do nothing you will be given free money. Oh and by the way we will save your money for you and allow you to quit working and have it when you are 60, no 65, no 70…oops we spent it all.
Finally, I do not mind you mentioning my name on the air if you decide to share the comments I leave on your blog.

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