How Important Is Your Time

In the business I am in I get very frustrated at people that do not show up for appointments that they agree to. The individuals do not even have the courtesy to cancel the meeting; they just do not show up. I understand this is just part of selling but it is such a time waster. I pride myself on being diligent and not committing myself to something I cannot follow through with, and if I cannot make an appointment or I will be late I call the individual I am meeting with. I realize that my time is very valuable because every minute I have can be used to reach my goals or spend with my family. I have been asking myself why people do not realize I value my time and I do not like to have it wasted. The conclusion is that they do not value their time and cannot relate to my situation. This makes sense to me, considering all of the time people waste on the internet and on TV. They are content and believe that since they have a lot of down time where they are very rarely worried about getting things done and reaching goals they believe then everybody else has tons of free time.
If you are reading this you already are trying to improve yourself, if you find you are one of these people use your time wisely and please respect others time.

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