The Unique Career of Selling

First let me start off by thanking The Closer for commenting on my blog. I appreciate the feedback. And there is nothing wrong with selling cars just the image that TV portrays that many cars salesman are trying to pull one over on the customer. The last car salesman I worked with did a great job even though I put him through the works with the questions. He satisfied all of my needs and I went away happy with a good vehicle. It was no wonder he was the top producer in the area for the last 5 years, he was a good salesman.

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The career of selling is very unique in that it is the closest thing to owning your own business without actually owning your own business. You have to do everything an entrepreneur would do to become a great sales person.
You are able to go to work at a regular job in a bad mood and still accomplish your tasks. In sales if you are in a bad mood you are not going to be able to effectively do your job. This is why so many sales people take the time on personal development and staying positive. In a regular job you can hide out avoid work while you are at the office. In sales if you take a day off and your income suffers a little down the road. You have immediate feedback to your effort. In a regular job most people are able to go to work without a lot of thought of their future duties and what they are doing today affects their tasks in the future. In sales if you do not work today you will not have work later down the road. In most regular jobs your soft skills and knowledge of how people think is of little importance. In sales you are required to have soft skills and understand how people think. Finally, in sales people are constantly trying to learn better ways to do their job and make more income while working less with the possibility of choosing their own income level. Where in a regular job someone tries to work more to make more.
If you are looking to expand your job possibilities take a part time job in sales. Maybe it was what you needed to change your life.

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  1. Thanks for the metion.

    Your assertion that sales is mood driven and goes along way to explain the proliference of personal coaching in sales. Good luck the continued success of your blog.

    The Closer

    PS How many hits a day are you currently getting on your site?

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