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When many people think of selling they think of the stereotypical car salesman trying to pull one over on the customer. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the sales profession, especially in selling direct to the customers. I will admit there are a few bad apples in the profession of selling, but the majority of sales people are looking to help the individuals they are selling to.
Like it or not you are a sales person even if you do not get paid for it. Sales is simply sharing your enthusiasm for something. The last time you saw a movie you loved, and your told your friend about it, you were selling it to your friend; when you were interviewing at your last job you were selling yourself. When you are trying to convince your wife/husband that it is a good idea to get that fishing rod/purse you are selling. If you are a business owner you are in sales or you will not be in business for long.
Sales is the art of getting someone to do something earlier than they originally planned. I have found this to be the case when I am selling. In my situation I help families change their financial future. When I tell people what I am doing they all are interested in making and saving money but when I talk a little bit more in depth about them making changes they hesitant. I am not sure why this is but I believe it is because people are afraid of change even if the change will help them significantly. They even agree what I have to offer will help them but they are still afraid. In a previous post I mentioned that people are only willing to give you money if they believe what they will receive in turn is worth more than the money. This being the case if you want to make the sale you have to be sure to fully educate the buyer of the product and how it will help them so that they will understand the value of your product.
Another part of selling is the salesman has to believe in the product they are selling or they will be unable to genuinely share the passion of the product with the buyer. Don’t try to sell something that you are not passionate about because you will not do well.