Online TV

For those of you that are internet savvy you have watched some of your favorite shows online. Also, Netflix also offers some movies on demand to be watched on your computer and your TV. This led me to think about the day when all TV shows are available online to watch when you are ready. Then I began to wonder how we would be introduced to new shows. Currently networks put shows on TV at a certain time and hope that enough people watch it that it grows popularity. That will not work with online TV. There could be a site where new shows are posted and people can view them if they are interested. What about everybody else that does not just go searching for shows? A system could be set up like If you have purchased an item there they give recommendations on other items you would like to buy. Also there could be a system where friends recommend TV shoes to each other. So when you watch a show it will then recommend others that you may like. It will be social networking for TV.

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