Just Do Something

Are you a budding entrepreneur that cannot seem to get started? Here is a harsh reality, you may net be an entrepreneur and may never be if you do not do something. You can plan and learn and never get anything accomplished. You may be saying that you are not ready because you do not know the right thing to do or you have not fully completed your plan. Do not get stuck with “analysis paralysis”. You need to do something and that something does not need to be perfect. First, if you wait until it is perfect you will never do anything; you are human and will never be perfect. Second, the business you start will not be the same in 1 year. You will refine your idea and manipulate your business to fit the market. Third, you may learn that your first venture is not your passion but it gave you an idea for something else to try. You will not find your passion without trying and experiencing different things. Just sitting thinking about it is not going to cut it. So go out there and do something, the business plan can wait, the documentation can wait, the systems can wait; these are important and will need to get done but do not use them as an excuse why you have not started. You are not an entrepreneur unless you have customers and are making a profit (revenue is not profit). If you are not making a profit and are constantly throwing money at your venture you are in a hobby, you are not an entrepreneur.

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