Fat Loss

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Most of my writings have been about business and personal development but I have managed to skip over the fitness aspect of success and how it relates to overall success. Since it is the beginning of a new year and Spring is around the corner I think it is about time to talk about getting in shape.
Fitness is one of the hardest things to achieve because what we all believe to be healthy is different. What many consider healthy is wrong and many of us have a self image that is not accurate. For instance, many people equate being skinny with being healthy which is not always true. Also, there are individuals that believe they are fat when they are not.
When you decide to change your body it takes a lot of patience because there is a significant amount of pain involved with getting is shape; but the long term pain of being unhealthy is far in the distance and easy to ignore. Another part of getting in shape that is ignored is the motivation side of it. It is easy to teach exercise and eating right but it is hard to reach people to give them the drive to get in shape. This is why people fall off the wagon when trying to get into shape. Another problem is that people equate losing weight to losing fat. This is not always true; people can lose a lot of weight from their body and not lose any fat. This is a big contributor to the off and on dieting.
Even with all of those underlying problems contributing to the difficulty to getting in shape it is still important for you to learn about fitness and get fit. If you are not fit you will not be successful. Your body is your main success gaining resource and if your body is not operating well you will be passed up by other success driven individuals. Heck the argument can be made that you are not success driven because you have forgone success in your fitness.
Finally, many weight loss and exercise programs work well, there is not a magic bullet for getting fit. Just as taking on a business venture you need to research and talk to people and find the program that is healthy and works for you. Let me know if you have any questions.