Tired at Work

Do you remember when you were a kid and you hated to go to bed? Back then you were excited to get up and have fun; and you hated taking naps because you were afraid to miss anything. That is when your life was filled with things you loved doing. As you have gotten older you may have noticed that you are not as enthusiastic to get out of bed and you are tired after work. The day has just taken it out of you. You think this is just a part of aging; you are never going to have the energy you had as a kid.
I have a theory that contradicts this mindset, let me explain. There are things that I am excited to work on and while I am working on them I lose track of time. When I am through for the day I realize that I was pretty tired but I did not notice it because I was enjoying the task. Many of the entrepreneurial stories I have read say something along the lines that even though these entrepreneurs work 18+ hour days they do not feel like they are working because they enjoy it so much.
My theory is that you will gain much of your youthful energy back when you start doing things that you are passionate about. Me and these entrepreneurs are having fun because we have found work that we love. I know many of you are thinking that you cannot just have fun; you have a family to support. You do not need to quit your job; make some time and start working on a project you love. When you develop your idea, brainstorm how you can create an income from it. We all have skills and passions that we could use to create an income. You will not become rich overnight, but if you take the time to learn, work hard, and keep at it you will have increased your chances to creating the work that you love. Then you can have that youthful energy back you once had.

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