Service Economy

I have missed plenty of blogs lately, but the move is finally complete and my new job is going well. The position I have taken is something I have to learn and grow into so it is new and exciting. Plus it will help me to develop a new set of skills which will help in my development.
On a side note; have you set your goals for next year? I have. You need to begin this process now and not just new years resolutions. You have to make a list of what you want to accomplish in all areas of your life with definite end dates.
I recently realized I am meant to serve. I believe this because I get a feeling of joy that I am able to help others. I had inklings of this before but it really stuck out when I was caring for my dog. I was sitting down and my dog was getting antsy and was distracting me from what I was doing. I was a bit annoyed but I realized that he just wanted some attention so I stopped what I was doing and played with him. I noticed that I forgot that I had stuff to do and I was just having fun with him. It got me to thinking about how having pets tends to lower blood pressure. I theorize that your blood pressure is lowered because you are built to give through your abilities. In my dog’s case it is love, attention, and his necessities which I am able to give. Then I began to think about the joy I feel when I am sharing my knowledge about starting small businesses, setting goals, and giving encouragement. Then it clicked, I have abilities/passions that others do not and I am supposed to share my skills with others. This is the type of work I do because I get so much joy and satisfaction from it.
What would you do with your time if money didn’t matter? This is the question you should ask yourself to help to identify what your passions are. Once you have identified these you now have a direction to go in to find the work that you love and possibly the type of business that you want to start.

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