Self Reliance

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In the process of growing up there is some pain related to learning. An example would be riding a bike. Part of learning how to ride a bike is learning how to avoid wrecks. After you had your first bicycle wreck I bet you made every effort to avoid another wreck. This is because you learned what actions caused the painful effect. Subconsciously you are programmed to avoid pain so you do not take the same action that caused the wreck.

I am afraid the decisions the government is currently making and the programs they operate. I am worried that people will be hurt and in the long run so will our country as a whole. I believe some of these programs are removing the need for people to grow and learn from their mistakes. With the recent bailout package we are trying to keep our markets from crashing. The problem is that some of the people made bad decisions (large companies and individuals included) and they are not going to feel the pain of making these decisions. Therefore there is a chance they will try it again because they know they will not get hurt. If I could ride my bike on a path covered with pillows then I would not be afraid if wrecking.
Another example of government intervention is from one of the welfare programs. I knew of this young girl who accidentally became pregnant. She worried how she was going to support her child. Her friend told her not to work because the government will give her money. If the young mother takes this path she will get money to live but if she was to learn and work hard she could grow onto a very strong person, move up in life, and give her child a better life than the government will provide. When the child sees its mother trying and working hard the child will see what is available to them through hard work. The young mother would change her family’s future.
The main point is that self reliance is very important for people to become successful. I am the one that is going to make me successful and you are the one that will make you successful. I do not want the chance taken away from someone to become successful. I do not want them to be crippled by easy money.
Finally, the whole idea of being an American is self reliance. Consider how self reliant our forefathers were to come to this new land and how self reliant we had to be to gain our independence.