Look on the Positive Side

We are all worried about the economic future, considering the doom and gloom the media is conveying. We need to regain our hope. Here are some different points of view to consider and some steps to take to get your hope back.

First, many needs are being created with these changes in the economy. This is the perfect time for an industrious person to step up and fill these gaps. Consider my area of expertise: helping people to reach their potential. When things are good, we are automatically pushed in the positive direction with little effort on our part, like riding a wave. When times are tough, we do not have the market to push us, we have to rely on ourselves to reach our destination. This is a perfect time to teach people how to reach their potential when times are good and when times are bad. There are many people that need this kind of help, especially in this environment.
To find your niche, first consider your abilities and passions. What passions do you have that would help people through this trying time? Could you teach people to get out of debt; could you help people to find the job of their dreams? Once you answer this question you are able to start turning your passion into a business.
Cutting fat is another positive in this situation. Everywhere there is excessive spending on non-value added activities in your life, in business, and in our government. This will help us to identify the things in our lives that do not help us prosper and then allow us to eliminate them. Do you have a Star Bucks habit you need to kick? Why not do it now?
When our nation comes out of this we will be stronger after many of the excesses have been cut. Also, we will be closer as a nation because of the pain we are enduring.
Are you scared of being laid off, or have you been laid off? This may be the perfect time to start that business you have always been talking about; or you could go and find that dream job.
Now I know it is hard to look at the bright side when you are scared. Do not let the fear make you helpless. Use it to drive you to action. If you do not take action you will feel helpless. The only way to keep going is to keep hope. To do this you must stay away from the TV and all those negative people around you. Next, you need to fill your ears and eyes with hopeful and inspiring messages. I prefer many of the podcasts I subscribe to like Zig Ziglar, Dan Miller, Jeb Blount, Dave Ramsey, The American Entrepreneur, and the Chuck Bowen Show. I also like reading Success Magazine, and books that will help me to reach the next level of learning and success like Rich Dad Poor Dad, 48 Days to The Work You Love, The Total Money Makeover, and No More Mondays. Finally, you must exercise; this helps you to keep your body strong and keeps those endorphins flowing.

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