Something for Nothing

I have found that helping people to reach their dreams can be very frustrating. I spend a lot of time with these individuals and give them the information and encouragement that they need. I tell them I will talk to them in about 1 week and see where they have progressed on their plan. At that point I find that they have done nothing. The following week the same thing, they have done nothing. The conclusion I have come to is that many of these people want something for nothing. They want to have money and a better career but are not willing to work to get to that point. As an example, I know this family that is in dire straits. I really feel sorry for them and want to help them. I choose not to help them by giving them money because I believe that they will go further if I teach them how to fish versus giving them fish. The husband wants a job at this manufacturing plant that pays very well but he won’t even put in the application.

Two lessons come from this situation. The first can be summed up in this saying: you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. The second lesson is to change your future you must take action. Good things will not happen to you. You need to be prepared to take in any positive situations that may come.

I am looking to find like minded people that are willing to put out the effort to change their lives. Let me know who you are by leaving a comment.

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