Debt, er’ Life Snowball

I have been sharing many things I have learned throughout this blog.I write here to help you.So I can serve you better I need some of your input.Now it is time for you to speak your mind.I want to know about you.I would like to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments on the subject of simplifying your life, personal development, and creating success for yourself.I would also like some feedback on my writings.Do you like what I have to say?Do you hate what I have to say?Do you like my writing style?Are there different subjects you would like me to talk about?Do you have techniques that you would like mentioned here?Please use the comments section and let me know who is reading this.

2 Replies on “Debt, er’ Life Snowball

  1. I focus on improving decision making skills. It should result in the snowball effect you mention.
    If we just slightly improve our decisions the shear quantity of decisionsshould multiply the very small quality improvements into a very positive net effect.

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